Our Mission

We operate platforms within social media offering information on the issues surrounding child pornography, sexual abuse, and all forms of abuse within childhood, both in the cyber and real worlds. We share information concerning reporting of online abuse, inappropriate content or sexual exploitation of minors, including the risks of online grooming. We provide a safe and confidential first point of contact for victims of abuse through our experienced counsellor, who will gather information on a case by case basis with regard to local support groups, crisis centres, and child protection agencies. We also offer support to victims and their families through the process of reporting abuse and any proceedings that may follow.

We attend musical events nationally with information brochures and are available to discuss any concerns expressed about online safety, child pornography, and all associated issues. These events offer a safe place for victims to disclose and seek support without marking themselves as victims in any way; they are attending a rock gig to listen to the music and therefore are not directly seeking help.

In our mobile information unit we offer tutorials on subjects such as parental monitoring software, safe browsing, spotting possible grooming, and educational platforms for very young children etc. All tutorials are age specific and accessible to anyone in search of the relevant information. We have already travelled to many places in the UK where we attended festivals, Market days and other public events. The Infobus is fitted with laptops, various types of software, information, and also provides a small area for confidential conversations.

The Bus will also offer a safe first point of contact for victims and survivors who may need help and support. Our counsellor will whenever possible be on hand to offer confidential advice in the first instance and we will be able to offer to continue working with those that need it as well as referring people on to local support groups and counselling as needed.

We intend to add to our register of qualified therapists so that we are in the position to be able to help as many people as possible in the best way we can. We are aiming to have therapists working in victim support all over England eventually, who will have a remit to cover specific regions and work with those in need for as long as that help is needed. This will be done at no cost to the client and on a voluntary basis by the therapist.

We intend to work with individuals as well as parents groups, schools, community projects and to offer information on cyber safety and issues regarding the internet and technological advances, and to work in smaller rural areas where information on these issues may be hard to access.


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