The L'arpies

The subject matter we deal with on a daily basis is hard, upsetting, emotionally draining and absolutely imperative! We are all volunteers bringing different skills to this work, and while we are a registered non profit organisation we fund everything ourselves, and gladly so; Therefore we have to come up with creative ways of raising funds for our work!

So pooling ideas, creative skills, and a sense of fun, we created The L'arpies - Little 'Appy Rock People. The official mascots of RACPA UK. Each one is unique and made to order. They are hand crafted and come with their own number and birth certificate and at the beginning of 2013 we have created 700 L'arpies, as well as a range of other collectable hand made original items!

They have travelled all over the world, from the USA to Australia, and all points in between. The L'arpies have not only proven to be a wonderful and original way of raising funds for our work, but have also provided another safe route through which victims have contacted us.

So if you would like your very own L'arpie, or any of our other hand crafted items, please contact us

The Team behind these creations are: Carmen, Becky, Beth and Debra.

Some Of Our L'arpies

Bearded Dragon L'arpie Biker L'arpie Charlie Brown L'arpie Dragonite L'arpie Mr Potato Head L'arpie The Joker L'arpie Alice Cooper L'arpie Bagpuss L'arpie Bowled Over L'arpie Flash L'arpie Green Man L'arpie Mounties L'arpies