A Look Back At 2016

2016 was not a wonderful year for many people, but for us here at RACPA UK it has to be said that it was a wonderful successful year which saw us attending 10 different festivals or events over the year; 5 of which were new to us so allowed us to reach out to many more new people which bought us many new friends and supporters for our work and let even more people reach out to us to ask for help and support, which of course we are always more than willing to provide to the absolute best of our abilities.

The events ranged from weekend festivals like the NLC Rocking for the Children, to the ever growing Beermageddon and included the Rickmansworth Canal Festival; a wonderful event here on our home turf of Norwich, a Christmas tree festival that saw us all creating handmade tree trimmings to display for visitors to the church to see!

Across the last year we have handed out over 1000 information and education flyers about topics such as online grooming, safe use of the internet, parental filters and many more. A range of new flyers will researched and created in the oncoming months as people ask us for information on different subjects regarding the safety of their children and young people. So please, if you have an idea about something we could advise on, get in touch and let us know!

We as a team managed to get together in ones or twos over the year at various events. As you know we are all 100% volunteers and have jobs homes and families to juggle along with our work for RACPA UK, but nearly all of us made it to our brilliant 10th Anniversary party!!

What a wonderful event that turned out to be!! Many of our long term friends, some who have been with us for the whole 10 years, turned up to help us celebrate in style at the MFN in Ilkeston; a wonderful venue who did us proud as always, with games and music over the day, laughter, hugging, a few tears, but many wonderful memories were brought to mind and even more memories created!! We have to send out another big Thank you to all the staff at the MFN for the very long and very hard day's work they put in for us and to every one of our friends who turned up to help us celebrate something that we would never have even dreamed of back in the *old* days when we were setting up RACPA UK!!!

Our L'arpies have continued to go from strength to strength. We reached the 1000 mark recently and have over 130 still on order in the BigBook of L'arpie; not bad for something that started off as an idea for a mascot to take to gigs!!!

We have made some pretty amazing critters over the years and the ideas that you all keep coming up with never fail to surprise us!!! Challenging is not the word with some of them but we are still very proud to say that we have only ever turned down one request!! Our little Fl'obbles have also become quite collectible, with special edition ones being created for specific events over the year and people making sure they get to them quickly before they sell out!!!

The number of people coming to us for help support and advice has grown across the year also and now includes almost complete families who are dealing with the effects of abuse on a child, grandparents who are concerned and looking for advice and of course the survivors of childhood abuse who are still suffering from the effects of what happened to them many years ago.

We always have and always will continue to help as many people as possible in the best way we can and for as long as is needed at no cost whatsoever. It is the wonderful support that we receive, both in the cyber and the real world, that keeps us strong and allows us to continue to reach out to people who very often have never had anyone who would listen and believe.

So on behalf of all of those that have discovered they are not alone, that people WILL and DO stand beside them and care about what has happened in their lives, Thank you all.

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